We offer several modules (but not limited to):

Law and Computer Science Domain (for lawyers):

1. Information Technology Law (Lect. Dr.M.Mockus)

Introduction course for law and computer science

2. EU Data Protection Law (Lect. Dr.M.Mockus)

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation); personal data definition; principles; rights of the data subject; legal, organizational and technical measures

3. E-Commerce Law (Lect. Dr.M.Mockus)

Jurisdiction; consumer rights; payments; taxation; search engines; sharing-economy

4. Law and Open Data (Lect. Dr.M.Mockus)

Open data; open government data; PSI; linked open data; licensing; intellectual property; EU DB sui generis rights; open data mashups

5. Cybercrimes and Law (Lect. Dr.M.Mockus)

Cybercrimes; forensics; international and local regulation

6. Communications Law (Lect. Dr.M.Mockus)

Historical perspective of EU regulation; principles

7. Intellectual Property (Lect. Dr.M.Mockus)

Introduction; IP system; copyright; patents; sui generis rights; orphan works; biotechnology and IP

Legal Informatics, Computer Science Domain:

1. A Workshop of Semantic Web for Law (Lect. Dr.M.Mockus)

Ontology engineering; work with Protege and other tools

2. Managing Legal Resources in Semantic Web (Lect. Dr.M.Mockus)

Legal text drafting techniques and common mistakes, Legal XML standards, legal ontologies, automatic legal text retrieval

Legal Science for Non-Lawyers:

1. Legal Environment of Electronic Business (Lect. Dr.M.Mockus)

2. Intellectual Property in Digital Age (Lect. Dr.M.Mockus)

3. Introduction to Law for Computer Scientists (Lect. Dr.M.Mockus)

Computer Science(CS) for Non-Computer Scientists:

1. Information Systems for Electronic Business (Lect. Dr.M.Mockus)

Public Administration:

1. E-government and E-services (Lect. Dr.M.Mockus)

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